Drugless Douglas Playlist - What The Heck Did He Play?s

Here are ALL* 30+ years of my playlists. I try to add new ones within a few days of air date. The playlists are completely searchable.

The bars indicate voice breaks between sets. Requests are preceded by the By Request! symbol.


*About The Playlists

I write down every cut I play in a spiral notebook, along with other bits of information on a wide variety of things. With the exception of my first 5 shows (5/7 - 6/4/87 -- before I figured out I needed and wanted a notebook, and Shows #114 & #115 -- although I transcribed the list for Show #1 from the tape, and it's at the bottom of the playlist list) I have the playlist of every freakin' show I've ever done at WMFO and KUVO. I'm now on my 8th notebook. They're an invaluable reference for me, and can be a source of ideas for the next show.

Amazingly enough, looking at one my notebooks is almost like looking at a photo album for me, and I can vividly remember doing shows over 30 years ago -- just from the list and a few scribbled notes.

The Flashback Segment

In September of 1997, I realized that the dates of the Wednesdays I was on the air corresponded with the dates of Thursdays from 10 years earlier. I decided to read the old playlist on the air, pick a song and play it again, 10 years to the day later. Thus, The Flashback Segment was born.

This scheme worked pretty well for about 5 months. Then, in March 1998, something went wacky, and the dates didn't line up. I realized that 1988 was a Leap Year, and it screwed everything up. I pored over my playbooks and discovered that the 1993 and 1998 dates coincided, so I did a 5-year Flashback for a few weeks. Somehow, it seemed more interesting and momentous to go back 10 years. Now, I'm able to go back 30+ years, which is really dredging.


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