Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  August 22, 2001

9pm - Midnight (ET)

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

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Lucky 57 Busted Up & Blue Recorded on OTT!
The Jupiter Project Two Feet
The Collisions (? - I'll see if I can get the set list from Bo so that I can identify the tracks.)
Federal Twist Pheromone Freakin'  
Lemonpeeler Around  
Pajama Slave Dancers Crustacean Vacation  
The Outlets Knock Me Down  
Moose & The Mudbugs Crawfish With A Vengeance (Revisited)  
Berlin Airlift Eleanor Rigby  
Neats 6  
The Boy Joys To Love Somebody  
Ad Frank I Can And I Will  
Paula Kelley Two Possible Answers (The Road)  
MishimaUSA Stupid Kid  
Franc Graham Band Sleeping  
Dave Aaronoff & The Details Put Me Down  
The Raging Teens Hit The Town  
The Pee Wee Fist Pedicure  
Pennywheel Sugar  
The Serfs Dancing Goats  
Lonesome Brothers Took Me For A Ride  
The Chilly Kurtz Combo
[set list not available]




Studio Dee!

Listen Listen

Steev Riccardo [Interview] The honcho of Twisted Ricco.
The Decals One More All three cuts from the upcoming "Twisted Ricco Coolest Cats" compilation.
John Surette & The Deniros Doin' It All For You
The Kitty Kill It's All Over
The Chilly Kurtz Combo [Interview] Chillin' with Chilly
Ashera Sugarfree One of Chilly's former bands.
The Chilly Kurtz Combo [Interview] blah, blah, yak, yak
The Gravel Pit Get Rough  
Pernice Brothers Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)  
Stardate Zeta Leporis  
The Weisstronauts Mornin' Me  

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