Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas  

Wednesday  July 8, 1998

5 - 7 pm (ET)

Show #  512

UnFolkUs Hardcore DangerMusik  
Susan Tedeshi with Mikey Dread I Know A Place  
Rufus Wainright Foolish Love In honor of their joint appearance in town this coming weekend.
Sean Lennon Photosynthesis
The Mamas & The Papas Straight Shooter  
Max She Says Good Morning  
Ruy Lopez Feel It Coming Down  
Neil Finn 808 Song The 2 "bonus" tracks not included on Try Whistling This. From an Austrailian import.
Identical Twin
Virgin Whore Complex Speakerphone  
Heather Nova I'm The Girl  
The Pristeens I'm Devastated  
Stardate The Biggest Burst  
Icehouse Electric Blue A song that Ad Frank claims influenced his The Cohabitants
Miles Dethmuffen (later PermaFrost) The Cohabitants 75th consecutive show I've played this band!
Fabio On Films The OFAP Summer Poet-In-Residence.
Containe Shy Song  
Pleasure Force Come With Pleasure  
The Derailers Raspberry Beret  
Flashback - 7/7/88
What A Girl Can't Do  
KrebStar The Upper Hand  
The Cowsills Sunshine Of Your Love  
Sue Foley The Waiting Game  
The Darlings Highway 31  
Peggy Lee I'm Beginning To See The Light  
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