Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Tuesday July 3, 2007

Noon - 3:07pm (ET)
Proving Thomas Wolfe right.

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Miles Dethmuffen                   Nothing Weak Later known as PermaFrost, I played this band in honor of their reunion at my little show at TT the Bear's Place on 7/5/07.
Sleeping Bag
Hurt On
Hope I Don't Spend All My Money On Liquor
Loveman, We Love You
Flat-Chested Girl
Mermaid Drowning On Dry Land
The Outlets Knock Me Down  
Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles The Day We Met  
Pernice Brothers The Weakest Shade Of Blue  
Miles Dethmuffen   Bored, That's All  
A Sequin In Your Dress  
Papas Frietas Radio Days  
Ray Mason Monkey In A Convent  
Vomit Launch Swelling Admiration  
Bart Caruso Night Wispers  
The Thongs Gnarly Reef  
Corin Ashley Her Mercury Smile / Foggy Meltin Breakdown  
The Kinks Jukebox Music  
The Glass Set Ramones' Afternoon  
Butterscott The Drugless Douglas Theme Song  
Buffalo Bob & Howdy Doody Howdy Doody's Do's And Don'ts  
Dennis Brennan Delmore Schwartz  
The Catheads Purple Haze  
Spot 1019 Crazy  
Gene Dante Little Belle  
Elvis Hitler Green Haze  
Surf MC's Surf Or Die  
Willard Grant Conspiracy From A Distant Shore  
Dr. Nerve Mink Shadows  
The SnowLeopards Hipmatize Me  
Vera GoGo North Carolina  
Kristen Hersh Nerve Endings  
Red Chord Egg Shells Andrea Gillis - the lead singer in Red Chord - also played my TT's show.
Miles Dethmuffen Heroin Poster Girl  

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