Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  September 16, 1998   

5-7 pm (ET)

Show #  522

The Red Telephone Piranha  
Don Byron Schizo Jam (Edit)  
Spool Ebo  
Transglobal Underground Body Machine (Earthtribe Electro Bop Mix)  
Byron Berline Skipping Along On Top  
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Poet-In-Residence
BR549 Seven Nights To Rock  
Bottle Rockets Young Lovers In Town  
Jim Nabors Les Bicylclettes De Belsize Shazam!
Sugar Cubes Regina The songs that Ad Frank claims influenced his writing of Happy Birthday To A Friend To Whom I'm No Longer Speaking
Urge Overkill Dropout
PermaFrost Happy Birthday To A Friend To Whom I'm No Longer Speaking The 85th consecutive show I've played this band!
The Beach Boys Stoked  
(beats the hell outa me!) Bill And Monica  
Red Peters Blow Me An OFAP classic!
The Isley Brothers Shout (Pts. 1 & 2)  
Cold Blood
Flashback - 9/15/88
When My Love Hand Comes Down  
KrebStar The Upper Hand  
Ramona Silver Star, Star  
Laurie Geltman When You Act Like A King  
Stardate A New Hope  
What About George Going Nowhere  
By Request! Bong Water Dazed And Chinese A guy called up and said he heard me play some cool cut with a bunch of Led Zepplin riffs a couple of weeks ago. It was this tune, that I played for the Flashback on 9/2. As it turns out, I also played on 9/15/88 - this week's flashback list! What a coinky-dinky!
R.L. Burnside Don't Stop Honey  

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