Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  November 28, 2001

4:30-7:30pm (ET)

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Prelude - Nothing To Hide I was able to hop on the air a bit early, so I put on "Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus." I'd been carrying the CD around in my radio bag for weeks... It was about time I played it.
Nature's Way
Animal Zoo
Love Has Found A Way
Why Can't I Be Free
Mr. Skin
Space Child
When I Touch You
Street Worm
Life Has Just Begun
Morning Will Come
Jimmy McGriff All Blues  
R.L. Burnside He Ain't Your Daddy  
Robert Johnson Cross Road Blues  
Hank Williams Cold Cold Heart  
By Request! Sebadoh On Fire

An Internet Instant Request:
(5:20:12 PM): hey, if you're out there, play that song "on fire" by Sebadoh (album = harmacy). i was stuck watching that horrible new show "scrubs" last night, and that song (played while an upset young nurse was be taken away in a city bus) was its only redeeming moment. i'd like to hear the whole thing, if you've got it!

Katy Moffatt Black Diamond  
Jackalope Junction Sheila  
Lorraine Della Rocca Mr. Right Now  
By Request! Lucky 57 Sips Of Wine A request from my pal, Linda Bean!
Busted Up & Blue
XYgoatZ Perfect Day  
The Mountain Goats West Country Dream From the "Yoyo a Go-Go" compilation
Yoko Ono Soul Got Out Of The Box From XYgoatZ to Mountain Goats on Yoyo to Yoko Ono. Damn, what a creative mind at work!
Stardate Vesta  
Vanilla Fudge
Flashback - 11/28/91
Some Velvet Morning  
Eric Gales Foxey Lady  
Randy Newman The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band Mr. Newman celebrates his 58th birthday today. HBD, Randy!
You Can Leave Your Hat On
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Tears Of A Clown Berry Gordy, Jr. was born on 11/28/29, making him 72 today. A little sampling of Motown artists to celebrate. "Money…" was co-written by Barry, and the Marvin tune is all his.
The Supremes Money (That's What I Want)
Marvin Gaye Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
The Decals Now I Know  
The Pills Spork  
All The Queen's Men Naha  
Count Zero Bachelor  
Auto Interiors Something Good Catch Auto Interiors LIVE on On The Town with Mikey Dee January 16th!
Paula Kelley The Light Under The Door  
Meghan Toohey Another Sleepless Night (Test) The acoustic version

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