Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  January 22, 1997

7-9pm (ET)

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Uncle Floyd There's No Business Like Show Business  
Brewer & Shipley Don't Want To Die In Georgia It's my friend Georgia's birthday!
Laura Love Feels Like Love  
The Grassy Knoll Tomorrow Never Knows  
Laibach Get Back  
Lol Coxhill I Am The Walrus  
Brave Combo Girl  
Sue Fink Leaping Lesbians  
DJ Rappinstien Football Rap  
Larry McCray & The Blue Gills In A Funk In A Phone Booth  
Venice Shoreline Chris Ex-Darling  
Liquid Soul World's On A Leash  
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey   Civil War Correspondent  
Bethany Curve Spacirelei  
Sidal Beds Of Light  
BR5-49 Chains Of This Town  
Gordon Gano Song Writer's Son  
Proctor & Bergman Hot Rock Radio  
What About George I've Tried  
Miles Dethmuffen A Sequin In Your Dress  
Papas Fritas Guys Don't Lie  
Don Dixon Fever  
Filé One Foot In The Bayou  
Balfa Toujours J'ai Vule Loup, Le Renard et la Balette  
Sladrub Panus  
Porky Cohen Don't Lose Your Cool  

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