Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  September 25, 2002

7-9pm (ET)

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Anders Osborne Ho-Ki-Ko-Di-Ya-La-Ma-La  
The Osborne Brothers Rocky Top  
Pete Wernick's Live Five On A Roll  
The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash Hard Times  
Ellis Paul Give In, Give Up  
Paul Della Valle & The Ink Stained Wretches My Love Runs Home To You  
The Beatles Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand  
Automatic Matty P Today  
Vibratribe Humn To The Muse  
Bossa Nostra Inberno Cybophonic Bossa 'n' Funk Rmx
Kahil El'Zabar Trio Song Of Myself  
Mulgrew Miller Elation  
Stardate Zodiacal Light  
Flashback - 9/24/87
50 Miles  
Schnockered Vinyl Suits  
Seana Carmody Tornadoes  
Fabio On Tropical Islands The OFAP Summer Poet-In-Residence
Victory At Sea Sunny Days  
Fabio On Humor  
The Shelia Divine The Swan  
Fabio On Surprises  
Lonesome Brothers Sure Looks Pretty  
Fabio On Slow Dancing  
The Coots Requiem For A Coot  
Fabio Ciao Since Summer's now over, sadly, Fabio bids us Ciao fer now. Ta-ta, Big F. See you next summer!
Paul Weller You Do Something To Me  
The Booty Olympics Anyone But You  

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