Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  October 27, 1999

5-7 pm (ET)

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Knots And Crosses Creatures Of Habit  
Van Morrison Moondance "...'neath the cover of October skies..."
Herbie Nichols Project Riff Primitif  
UnFolkUs Magnolia Blonde  
Cibo Matto Backseat  
Stereolab Italian Shoes  
Pamela Means Black Boots  
Katy Moffatt The Cuckoo  
Transglobal Underground Ali Mullah  
Full Moon Scientist Feat Mee Alien Of Albion  
Stardate Too Much Helium I think we've all been there...
Rod McKuen
Flashback - 11/2/89
Where Did The Butterflies Go  
The Raging Teens That's How I Like It  
Helicopter Helicopter Self Sick  
Honeyglazed Hi-Fi  
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Ed In The Refridgerators Sea Monkeys  
Baby Ray Olive Novel Love  
The Gravy Underwire  
A Couple O' Wankers I'm Gonna Make Hugh Love Me  
Ad Frank Manly  
KrebStar Simon's Bedroom  
The Clash Capital Radio  
Destiny's Child Another Fine Day (Long Mix)  
The Firesign Theatre Weather With An Edge  
The Sugar Twins Can't Wait  
Kenne Highland Clan Melt Away  

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