Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  July 12, 2000   

9pm - Midnight

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

Show # 

The Fabulous Billygoons Billygoon Party Rap  
Big Dipper All Going Out Together  
Dumptruck Going Nowhere  
What About George Going Nowhere  
The Den Mothers Kind Of In Love  
Barry & The Remains Why Do I Cry  
Star Ghost Dog Heroin Face  
Tugboat Annie The Wishing Song  
Freezepop Eat  
Kodachrome Be  
Die Electric Bomb Pop Baby  
The Cavedogs Boy In A Plastic Bubble  
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Baby Come Get Your Cat  
Miles Dethmuffen (later PermaFrost) Hope I Don't Spend All My Money On Liquor  
Make Lisa Rich Cinnamon Anderson  
Gigolo Aunts Summertime Evening  
Big Ray & The Futuras Surf Hammer  
Naked Lunchbox Baby, I'm Beginnging To Think You're Strange  
Stardate Record-Breaking Comet  
The Banjo Spiders Gilligan's Daughter The Banjo Spiders were supposed to play live on tonight's show, but due to unforeseen circumstances, couldn't. We listened to their great CD instead.
Think' Aloud
Come & Get Me
Like A Bomb
TBD Composition #2
A Special Moment
You & My Pride
Nice Guy Club
Long Enough To Freeze
9th Wave Kam Fong As Chin Ho Book 'im, Danno!
Lux 66 Used To Be The "bands with numbers in their names" set
The Nines I Can't Stop Thinking Of You (Live Version)
Seventeen Fingerbang
Black Number Nine I Gotta Have It
Slant 6 & The Jumpstarts Gimme A Beer
Johnny Black Trio (JB3) Hung
Johhny & The Jumper Cables Treat You Right  
KrebStar Spark Bibo  
Instant Folk Death President Quayle  
Helicopter Helicopter Mechanical Firefly From Reverse The Curse, a compilation of local tunes to benefit our pal, Mikey Dee
Barry & The Remains All Good Things  

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