Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  June 13, 2001

9pm - Midnight (ET)

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

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The Allstonians Walking In The Sand  
Interview with Bo Barringer of Make Lisa Rich, talking about their upcoming final gig ever.    
Make Lisa Rich Show Me This Morning  
Mo' with Bo    
Make Lisa Rich Nocturne  
Mishima USA Stupid Kid  
Lucky 57 Sips Of Wine, Coffee Chaser  
The Gravel Pit Race Car  
Franc Graham Band Sugar Tree  
Interview with BLeU, who was scheduled to play Live From Studio Dee, but due to throat problems, came in to chat and play some B Sides and other stuff.    
BLeU Just Another American Pie Maybe the theme song for the upcoming film?
blah, blah    
BLeU Somebody Else Maybe the theme song for the upcoming WB series, "Smallville"?
yack, yack    
Dragstrip Courage The Killer BLeU took vocal tracks from Dragstrip Courage, then did all the production to create this piece.
babble, babble    
BLeU Sayonara A song BLeU wrote for Blondie (it's being reworked for them.)
blather, blather    
BLeU Ducky One of a series of birthday songs BLeU has written.
chatter, chatter    
Rocketscience Sun  
A Girl's Name Here
intercourse, intercourse    
BLeU Tremelo From his CD, "Headroom."
chat, chat    
Reverse (track #3 - I'll find out what it was)  
The Rising Storm Don't Look Back  
Ad Frank The Ticket Was Non-Refundable  
Meghan Toohey Another Sleeples Night (Test)  
The Stumble Don't Go No Further  

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