Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Thursday  February 2, 1995

10pm - Midnight (ET)

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Buzzcocks What Do I Get  
Uncle Floyd The Dull Family  
Chucklehead Try And Move Me  
Cold Water Flat Magnetic North Pole  
Union Jack Lollipop Man  
Somnambulist Nightflyte  
Terminator / Benelux The Warrant  
Baruka Play It Loud  
Megalon Sorceror  
Red 1 Xeno Ero  
Megalon Darkness  
Sleepless Razor's Edge  
Baby Doc & The Dentist Catalan Rising  
The Rolling Stones   The Spider & The Fly Requested by Paul from Winchester.  
No Use In Crying
Michael Penn No Myth  
Flo & Eddie Afterglow  
The Plimsoles A Million Miles Away  
Neats Red And Grey  
Nervous Eaters Girl Next Door  
The Lyres What A Girl Can't Do  
Fred Frith   Voice Of America Part 1  
Voice Of America Part 2  

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