Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  March 10, 1999

5-7 pm (ET)

Show #

The Rolling Stones She's A Rainbow  
Horace Silver Song For My Father The orignal, followed by two superb covers.
Leon Thomas
Richard "Groove" Holmes
Joe DiMaggio Radio Call   Joltin' Joe has left and gone away...
Les Brown & His Orchestra,
Featuring Betty Bonney
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
Simon & Garfunkel Mrs. Robinson
John Brown's Body Love Is A Fire  
Rusty Bryant Lou-Lou  
Blondie Maria (Talvin Singh Rythmic Remix Edit) From good ol' vinyl!
An April March Mandarin  
Rasputina The Old Headboard (The Weathered Mix)  
Stardate Floating Telescopes  
Bob Dylan
Flashback - 3/9/89
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright  
Mr. Airplane Man You Left Me Cold  
The Red Telephone Jaded Angels An OFAP exclusive!
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Butterscott Wannitbad  
The Treniers Poon-Tang!  
Frigate Kickball  
Johnny Black Trio Bag Boy  
The Gravy Pretty Krishna  
KrebStar Landing Gear Yup - anudder OFAP exclusive! Woo-hoo!
The Gravel Pit Where The Flying Things Go  
Eddie Lawrence Mark The Shark  
Miles Dethmuffen (later PermaFrost) Bored, That's All 107th consecutive show I've played this band!
Tugboat Annie Contact  

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