Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  November 8, 2000   

9pm - Midnight

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

Show # 

Arlo Guthrie Presidential Rag In honor of Dubya's secret DUI conviction.
Zola Turn Bulletproof Vest  
KrebStar Spark Bibo  
The High Ceilings In Interesting Times  
Die Electric Believe You Me  
Francine Trampoline  
Señor Happy We Will Fall  
By Request! The Titanics Drag You Down To My Level An in-house request from Michelle of The Decals
Orbit Electric  
Bim Skala Bim Hardest Of The Parts  
The Gizmos Gimme Back My Foreskin  
The Anchormen Penelope  
Frigate Ripoff  
The Lemonheads Li'l Seed
Flashback - 11/8/90
Second Chance  
Syrup USA Queen Of The Beach  
Buttercup Make Some Room  
Photon Torpedoes He's Doin It  
Blake Babies Sanctify  
Stardate Occam's Razor  
Lorraine Della Rocca Even Eyes Are Shining  
H. Kirk Grandmother's House  
The Lothars Banjolin  
The Decals If I Ever See You Again
Studio Dee!
You (That's All We Ever Talk About)
Hangin' On
Goin' Out
Got You
I Don't Buy Your Lines ('Cause I Use 'Em All The Time)
One More
Charlie In The Box The Beach Song  
jrcorduroy Queen Of Photography  
The Gravel Pit Yellow Light Purple From Reverse The Curse, a compilation of local tunes to benefit our pal, Mikey Dee
The Big 7-inch
The Decals 7"
[Interview] blah, blah, yak, yak
I Don't Buy Your Lines ('Cause I Use 'Em All The Time) The B Side of their soon-to-be-relased 7"
[Interview] blah, blah, yak, yak
You (That's All We Ever Talk About) The A Side of their aforementioned 7"
[Interview] yak, yak, blah, blah
[Interview] blah, yak, blah, yak
By Request! The Dogmatics Whipped Yet another in-house request from Michelle Decal.
The Decals [Interview] yak, blah, yak, blah
If I (Ever See You Again)  
Miles Dethmuffen (later PermaFrost) Heroin Poster Girl  

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