Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  January 23, 2002

5-6:30pm (ET)

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Tennessee Ernie Ford Shot-Gun Boogie  
John Voigt Just Play Free  
Freddie Hubbard Little Sunflower  
Ken Nordine Cliché Heaven  
Miss Peggy Lee Don't Smoke In Bed Peggy died 1/21, at the age of 81 (not from smoking in bed...)
Zap Mama Mr. Brown (Chris Cuben Mix)  
Neil Finn Driving Me Mad  
The Louvin Brothers Cash On The Barrelhead  
The Volk Brothers Spring Time Rock  
Hoover's G-String Blowing Through A Stop Sign  
Hüsker Dü Target  
Signals From Above  
The Tommys Grow Fins  
Wanda Jackson Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad  
Tomorrow's Caveman Velvet Underwear  
Stardate Moon And Saturn  
Flashback - 1/23/92
Red And Grey  
Bob And Earl The Harlem Shuffle  
Freezepop Robotron 2002  
Charlene Radio Son  
Ramona Silver Tailpipe  
Ashby Likeminded  
The Panda Squad That Beach (Giving Us A Moment) Wendy Mittelstatd's new favorite band!
The High Ceilings Mayfly  

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