Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  March 11, 1998
5-7 pm (ET)

Show #  495
The Jazz Passengers Pork Chop
McCoy Tyner Big Band Fly With The Wind
June Tabor The Great Valerio
Yokota Neutral
Pizzicato Five Porno 3003
The Specials Bonedigger
The Youngbloods The Dolphin
Urban Ambience Peking Duck (With Mallards Towards None)
Nina Hagen
born 3/11/55 - 43 today
Atomic Flash Deluxe
Stardate Inside The Bubble
Michael Penn
Flashback - 3/11/93
Long Way Down (Look What the Cat Drug In)
Johnny & the Jumper Cables Kielbasas!
The Gravel Pit Drink You Up
Jen Trynin Better Than Nothing
The Meltaways Alcohol
KrebStar The Upper Hand
Jumprope That's The Way It Is
PermaFrost Goodbye, My Avalanche
Jules Verdone Dumb Rock Song
Frigg A-Go-Go I Don't Wanna Be Your Man
Chris Wall Entourage

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