Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Thursday April 8, 1993

10:30pm - Midnight (ET)

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Miles Davis What I Say  
Stills-Young Band Long May You Run Dedicated to "Rocco Scirocco," my car for the last 13 1/2 years. It's on its last legs.
James Brown Can't Get Any Harder [C&C / Leaders Of The New School Mix]
Rolling Stones Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadows  
Feelies Crazy Rhythms  
Elvis Presley Your Cheatin' Heart  
Best Kisser In The World Pickin' Flowers For (I have a feeling that's not the complete song title, but that's what I wrote down…)
Primus   Pork Chop's Little Ditty  
My Name Is Mud  
Lemonheads Second Chance  
Jack Bruce Close Enough For Love  
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Pablo Picasso Pablo died on 4/8/73.
Leonard Cohen Democracy  

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