Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  June 3, 1998

5 - 7:32 pm (ET)

With Special Guests Mike Demers, J. Walker, and Rick Shaw, 3/4 of KrebStar! (Lance Blair showed up right after I left the air, and we all went to the production studio for some hap'nin' promos.) Also hangin' with us was Marla, because she so enjoys makin' the scene!

Icecake That Train Is So Spacy  
Glen Velez with Gianni Gebbia & Enzo Rao Pan Eros From "The World of Drums & Percussion"
Gamelan Jegog Werdi Sentana Tabuh Pengawit Gending Truntugam
Sekehe Gander Bharat Muni Gending Langiang
Samulnori P'u Sal
Stardate Hale Telescope  
The Beach Boys Let Him Run Wild Everybody was running wild!
The Pristeens Let Me Run Wild
The Cramps Bend Over, I'll Drive  
PermaFrost Johnny Marr  
The Donner Party Surfin To The Moon Flashback 6/2/88
Big Dipper All Going Out Together
The Marshmallow Overcoat Psilocybin Explosion
Groovasouras (beats the hell outa me!)  
Ray Mason Band When She Walks By  
Merrie Amsterberg Lay Of The Land  
Curtis Mayfield
born 6/3/42 - 56 today
Do It All Night  
Allen Ginsberg
born 6/3/26
The End  
Wheelers & Dealers Tell Me Also on the bill at the KrebStar record release party
KrebStar (interview) In honor of their upcoming CD release party, Sunday June 7!
All The Time In The World
The Upper Hand
Soylent Green

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