Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas  

Wednesday  September 1, 1999

5-7 pm (ET)

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Eric Von Schmidt The Debt I Owe  
Clannad Na Buachailli Alainn  
Os Mutantes Cantor De Mambo  
The Uptown Horns Review Sugar Melts When It's Wet  
Thurman Green Lately  
Urban Ambience Peking Duck  
Icecake Por Vous  
Morcheeba The Sea  
The Innocence Mission Birdless  
The Cajun All-Stars Mon Petit Canon (My Pistol)  
Stardate Moon & Aldebaran  
The Beach Boys
Flashback - 8/31/89
Be True To Your School  
Billy Bragg Scholarship Is The Enemy Of Romance  
A New Found Glory Hit Or Miss  
Marky Ramone & The Intruders Nobody Likes You  
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
The Sheila Divine Opportune Moment  
? & The Mysterians 96 Tears (En Español)  
Archie Bell & The Drells Tighten Up Archie was born 9/1/44, making him 55 today. HBD, AB!
Tighen Up At The Disco
Disco Showdown
Fabio On Inner Beauty The OFAP Summer Poet-In-Residence
KrebStar Simon's Bedroom  
Ray Mason Band True Love  
George Harrison Unconsciousness Rules  
Lincolnville Ursa Minor  
Suzi Lee Quand J'aime  
The Wrens Miss Me  

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