Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  April 4, 2001   

9pm - Midnight (ET)

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

Show #  648

Dave Aaronoff & The Details Careful Where You Step  
UPRiSE Funky Good Times  
Machinery Hall Nif  
The Blake Babies Nothing Ever Happens  
Annette Farrington Dive  
The Lothars Dust Mah Space Broom  
The Red Telephone Teenage Mother Earth  
Sunshine Boy Not Our Song  
The Crybabies Man With Money  
*AM Stereo Adopted  
The Raging Teens Lies  
The Jumblies What I've Waited For  
Helicopter Helicopter
By Starlight




Studio Dee!

Listen _new

Passing Car
History Of Space Flight
And Just Once
Big Ray & The Futuras Tierra Del Fuego  
Orbit Slow Down  
Helicopter Helicopter
Interview Blah, blah
Interview Yak, yak
The Afterworld  
Interview Yak, blah
The Sheila Divine Every Year  
Calendar Girl Sparkle Girl  
Make Lisa Rich Nocturne  
Stardate Closing In On Mars  
The Young Snakes
Flashback - 4/4/91
Give Me Your Face  
Meghan Toohey Another Sleepless Night (Test)  
Freezepop Plastic Stars  
The Cautions Coffee Shop Girl  
Frigate No Idea  
The Decals I Don't Buy Your Lines ('Cause I Use 'Em All The Time)  
Heidi Can't Wait  
The Syphloids It's A Nice Day For A Bath Hippie  
Reverend Glasseye & His Wooden Legs Roll Over  
The Hidden Variable Life During Peacetime  
Delta Clutch One Step Further  

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