Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  July 11, 2001

9pm - Midnight (ET)

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

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The Gravel Pit Enemy  
Calendar Girl Where Have All The Heroes Gone?  
Helicopter Helicopter And Just Once  
Lemonpeeler Limit On You  
The Jupiter Project A Tiny Point  
Ghetto Thunder Rock & Roll Enemy No.1  
Psychotic Larry The Dizzier I Get  
Six Going On Seven Good On Paper  
XYgoatZ Goddess  
Ad Frank Davy, I Didn't Mean To Push You Off  
Major Major The Glare And The Haze  
Primrose Path Get Up, Get In, Get Off, Get Out  
Orchestra Morphine Top Floor  
Mr. Airplane Man Pretty Baby I'm In Love With You  
The Decals I Don't Buy Your Lines (Cause I Use 'Em All The Time)  
The Shelley Winters Project Always In Love  

Lucky 57

Busted Up & Blue




Studio Dee!

Listen Listen

Lee's World
Sips Of Wine
All The Places
Miles Away
Don't Remind Me
Nothing Was Delivered
Saro Jane
Asa Brebner Break My Own Heart  
Pernice Brothers Shaken Baby  
Meghan Toohey Four Months  
Big Ray & The Futuras Sputnik  

Lucky 57

[Interview ]   blah, blah, yak, yak
The Audiants Southampton  
Annette Farrington Magic  
Rosa Chance Well Bad Moon Rising  
Settie I Can't Turn You Off  
Stardate Astronomy At The South Pole  
Franc Graham Band Sleeping  

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