Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  May 10, 2000

My 13th Anniversary Show!

To celebrate, I did my show (OFAP) for 4 hours,
then did "On
The Town With Mikey Dee"

5pm - Midnight!

7 Big Hours - A personal record!

Show #

Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage An anniversary show tradition: the first two songs I ever played on the radio, and my first segue. First show - 5/7/87
Marianne Faithfull Broken English
Jimi Hendrix Rainy Day, Dream Away  
1983....(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)  
Moon, Turn The Tides.... Gently Gently Away  
Neats Red And Grey Played On My First Show, 5/7/87
Benny Goodman Sing, Sing, Sing
Bow Wow Wow Baby, Oh No
Ben Vaughn 7 Days Without Love  
Containe Shy Song  
The Mosquitos That Was Then, This Is Now Played On My First Show, 5/7/87
Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone
Tom Waits Step Right Up
Ann Magnuson Made For Radio  
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Lenny Bruce Psychopathia Sexualis  
Stardate Southern Cross  
KrebStar The Upper Hand In honor of their last show ever, this coming Saturday
Simon's Bedroom
Spark Bibo
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Too Many Do Played On My First Show, 5/7/87
Love I Still Wonder  
Love Is More Than Words Or Better Later Than Never  
Sheb Wolley The Purple People Eater The first song I remember hearing on the radio
Dave "Baby" Cortez Happy Organ The second song I remember hearing on the radio
The Beatles She Loves You The first record I ever bought
A Couple O' Wankers I Choulda Known Better  
Los Manolos All My Loving Thanks to my pal Gary, who I followed on my first show, and for the next seven and a half years!
A Couple O' Wankers You Can't Do Dat  
The Beatles I'll Get You The B Side of She Loves You
A Couple O' Wankers Twist & Chout  
Rod McKuen Kranko's Hippie Party  
The Treniers Poon-Tang!  
Ray Charles It Shoulda Been Me  
Jimmy Liggins Cadillac Boogie  
The Mills Brothers The Window Washer Man  
The Shaggs Philosphy Of The World  
Frank Sinatra Witchcraft  
Fabio On Tropical Islands The OFAP Summer Poet-In-Residence
John Coltrane Jupiter Variations  
Die Electric Believe You Me  
Amédé Ardoin Two Step de Eunice  
Neil Young The Loner  
Captain Beefheart Old Fart At Play The song that inspired the name of my show.
On The Town With Mikey Dee
Tonight, featuring bands that played in last weekend's shows to help Mikey.

For The Benefit Of Mr. Dee

Mary Lou Lord Bang Bang  
Orbit I Wanna Make You  
Baby Ray Olive Novel Love  
Ramona Silver Tailpipe  
Señor Happy On The Down  
The Mudhens Sunday Girl  
The Willard Grant Conspiracy How To Get To Heaven  
Buffalo Tom Summer  
Angry Salad Saturday Girl  
Merrie Amsterburg Season Of Rain  
Dennis Brennan Book Of Love  
The Gravel Pit Favorite  
The Sheila Divine Hum  
The Push Stars Too Much Pride  
Asa Brebner I'm Not Going To Work Today  
Deb Pasternak Woman Of Action  
Scrapple Trash Ass  
The Sugar Twins Yelp  
The Stumble Tore Down

Studio D!

Listen Listen

Rockin' Daddy
The Hank Special
Cut That Out
Go No Further
Rollin' Man
The Stumble
Poor Boy
Key To The Highway
Got My Mojo Working
When I Die
Helicopter Helicopter Self Sick  
The Red Telephone Jet Pilot High  
The Stumble - Interview Yak, yak, blah, blah  
Ms. Pigeon Why Go To Ohio  
Ad Frank You May Already Be A Winner  

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