Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  October 1, 1997

5-7pm (ET)

Show # 

Red Lake Nation Eyabay - Indian Nations  
The Gravel Pit The Old Clock Doesn't Make Any Sense  
Morphine Pulled Over The Car  
The [???] In It Alone  
Judas & Natasha Experiments Maybe I Was Different  
The Raybeats B-Gas Rickshaw  
PermaFrost Johnny Marr  
6 String Drag Keep On Pushin'  
David Wilcox Human Cannonball  
Michael Penn All That That Implies  
Therese Honey Scottish Jig  
Michael Cain / Ralph Alessi /Peter Epstein Social Drones  
Accidental Orchestra Bacillus Reverse Initiation  
Mark Erelli Memories Of Mine  
Enrique Coria Veran Porteno  
The Mirror Shattered One Night Together  
Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish Mellow Chick Swing  
Wink Autumn Days  
George Benson That's Right  
Miles Davis Right Off  

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