Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  March 14, 2001   

9pm - Midnight (ET)

Filling in on "On The Town with Mikey Dee"

Show #  645

Baby Ray Olive Novel Love  
Bleu Headroom  
Orbit Radio Whore  
Dave Aaronoff & The Details Tidy Up The Town  
Make Lisa Rich Nocturne  
Sunshine Boy Definintion  
*AM Stereo Waking Up In Paris Sober  
The Syphloids Guys Like Me Never Get Girls Like You  

Tom & Dave of


[Interview] Scrapple was scheduled to play live from Studio Dee, but Joel, our lovely engineer, took ill earlier in the day. Instead, we played new songs right off the master CD and chatted. We've reschedule their live performance for April 11, 2001.
Sex Party
[Blah, blah]
Light Up Alien Pussy
[Yak, yak]
[Blah, yak]
Count Zero Starry Skies  
Freezepop Tender Lies  
The Willard Grant Conspiracy Kite Flying  
Meghan Toohey Another Sleepless Night (Test)  
Star Ghost Dog Plus de Vaches (Qui Remix)  
Enuma Elish Compression  
The Raging Teens High Class Baby  
Helicopter Helicopter History Of Space Flight  
Machinery Hall Color Of Good  
The Sheila Divine Wanting Is Wasted  
Treat Her Right An Honest Job  
Kenne Highland Clan Chicken Queen  
Frigate 3rd Generation  
Heidi Throwing Rice  
Stardate Building Planets  
The Stumble Poor Boy  
The Push Kings Number Ones They were local when this was released...
Seks Bomba Operation B.O.M.B.A.  
Playing For Audrey Get You Alone  
The Blake Babies Picture Perfect  
Max Ride The Dove  
Krank Squad N.K.O.T.B. Remix (New Krank On The Block)
Blake Hazard Glittering  
Lincolnville Ursa Minor  
Dropkick Murphys Good Rats  

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