Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  June 17, 1998

4:30-7 pm (ET)

(The previous dj took off early, so I played some schlocky Lennon-McCartney covers until 5 o'clock.)

Show #
Aldoph Dupree Yo DJ Pump This Party (Extended Club Mix)  
Quicksilver Edward, (The Mad Shirt Grinder)  
Talking Heads Take Me To The River  
Al Green  
Debbie Harry In Love With Love  
Gary Shane Johnny's Coltrain  
Laurie Geltman Red, Green, Black & Blue  
PermaFrost The One On The Floor  
Max She Says Good Morning  
I Ginkgo The Defeatists  
The Beatles The Word  
Debbie Harry Sunday Girl En Français!
Fabio About Romance  
KrebStar The Upper Hand  
Stardate Valentina Tereshkova  
Blue Cheer
Flashback - 6/16/88
Saturday Freedom  
Urban Ambience Peking Duck  
Dimitri From Paris Une Very Stylish Fille  
Grateful Dead Jimmy Row  

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