Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Thursday May 25, 1989

10pm - Midnight (ET)

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The Feelies Dancing Barefoot  
Angry Samoans It's Rainingn Today  
The Fabulous Billygoons Billygoon's Party Rap  
Vanilla Fudge Side One of The Beat Goes On  
Mountain Tired Angels  
Quicksilver Messenger Service Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder  
Procul Harem Long Gone Geek  
Iron Butterfly Stone Believer  
Jimi Hendrix Stepping Stone  
The Monkees (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone  
Dirty Dozen Brass Band Moose The Moochie  
Joni Mitchell A Strange Boy  
George Jones Feeling Single, Seeing Double  
Leo Kottke Pamela Brown Celebrating the author's (Tom T. Hall) 53rd birthday.
Miles Davis All Blues Miles turns 63 today.
The Beatles       Leave My Kitten Alone  
Not Guilty  
I'm Looking Through You  
What's The New Mary Jane  

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