Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Thursday January 28, 1993

10pm - Midnight (ET)

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Frank Zappa Willie The Pimp  
Joe Cocker Feelin' Alright  
The Temptations   Ball Of Confusion  
Papa Was A Rolling Stone  
Arthur Blythe Lenox Avenue Breakdown  
Julius Hemphill The Hard Blues  
Yellow Jackets Azure Moon  
Eric Clapton Motherless Children  
Bob Dylan Queen Jane Approximately  
Grateful Dead Box Of Rain  
Neil Young Don't Cry No Tears  
Leo Kottke Pamela Brown  
Frank Sinatra It Was A Very Good Year I may have played these at the same time.  
Spiro Agnew Address On Vietnam War Protests
Joe Jackson Round Midnight  
Henry Rollins Condos  
Clang Shroud Of Urine  
Clang ?  

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