Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  October 25, 2000

5-7pm (ET)

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Lucinda Williams Metal Firecracker  
    From the Alan Lomax collection, "Deep River of Song," on Rounder Records.
Rollie Lee Johnson Wild Ox Moan Virginia & The Piedmont
Willie Williams Boll Weevil
Lemuel Jones Po' Farmer
Ace Johnson Rabbit In The Garden Black Texicans
Henry Truvillion Old Aunt Dinah
Let's Go A-Hunting' (Come On Boys And Let's Go Huntin')
Various Artists Histe Up The John B. Sail Bahamas - 1935
John Bully
Stand Up From Below
Lightnin' Washington and Group Stewball Big Brazos
Long John
Dave Trippin & Lightnin' Washington Go 'Way, Eadie
The Beach Boys Sloop John B. Their version of Histe Up The John B. Sail
Tarbox Ramblers Stewball Their version of... uh... Stewball
Jimmy Heath For Minors Only JH born 10/25/26 - Happy 74th, Jimmy!
Yes Long Distance Runaround John Anderson celebrates his 56th today!
Nick Drake Fly The stupid book in the studio said Nick died on this date, but it was actually NOVEMBER 25th...
The Modern Lovers Pablo Picasso PP was born on 10/25/1881. Rock on, Pablo!
Stardate Astronomical Names  
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
Flashback - 10/25/90
You Are Too Beautiful You are, y'know...
Lamb Closer Still can't find the Lamb song I'm looking for...
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Frigate Scurvy Ann Goes To Town  
jrcorduroy Thirty Nine Bus  
Charlie In The Box She Waits  
Creeper Lagoon Chain Smoker  
Dean Martin Let Me Love You Tonight ...or whenever you can fit me in.

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