Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas
Wednesday  July 23, 1997

5-7pm (ET)

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Red Peters Blow Me  
Frank Zappa The Nancy & Mary Music  
Timothy Leary Lion's Mouth  
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen October In The Railroad Earth  
Myra Melford The Same River, Twice Bound Unbound  
Block Mating Dance Blues  
Michael Penn Cover Up  
Verago-Go One Nite Stand  
Shonen Knife (Unlisted Japanese Cut #19)  
DJ Trance After Hours  
Kip Hanrahan The First And Last To Love Me  
Hector Zazou First Evening  
Verago-Go North Carolina  
PermaFrost Kurt Kokasik  
The Laughing Record #1 From "Only In America"
Tony Burello There's A New Sound  
Stu Mitchell Acid  
Individuals Jungle Superman  
The Gay Teenager ? Don't know if that was the artist or the cut.
My Love Ease The Pain  
? Mystery Track  
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Too Many Do  

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