Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  March 31, 1999

5:05-7 pm (ET)
(Thanks to Jon for covering me for the first 5 minutes!)

Show # 

Cap Pierce Juggernaut
Featuring Joe Williams
Joe's Blues In tribute to the passing of the great Joe Williams.
Lol Coxhill I Am The Walrus  
The Rhythmic Hooter If you're going to have hooters, they might as well be rhythmic!
The Beatles Dear Wack! A set dedicated to new Loyal Listener Lloyd!
He sent me a nice email with a bunch of requests.
Thanks, Lloyd!
You Really Got A Hold On Me
By Request! Funkadelic Maggot Brain
By Request! Muddy Waters Good Morning Little School Girl
By Request! Blue Cheer Natural Man
Knots & Crosses Come Undone  
PermaFrost Stupid Crush 110th consecutive show I've played this band!
(Don't ask me how I got a copy of this song!)
The Gravel Pit Millions Of Miles  
The Plimsouls A Million Miles Away  
Stardate Twice In A Blue Moon  
Roy Buchanan
Flashback - 3/31/88
Green Onions Okay, sorta flashback. I dug out the old playlist right before this set and realized I'd played "Maggot Brain" 11 years ago! Cosmic, Baby! But, since 3/31 is Linda Bean's birthday, and "Green Onions" is her song, and I couldn't find the Booker T version, I played this one, for her. ¿Comprende?
Booker T & The MGs Time Is Tight A new promo CD hand-delivered to me during the previous cut! Cosmic again!
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Wilson Pickett Funky Broadway  
Boozoo Chavis Ay, Cayenne  
KrebStar Tower  

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