Old Fart At Play
with Drugless Douglas

Wednesday  July 26, 2000

4:45 - 7pm (ET)

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Sleepy LaBeef Sittin' On Top Of The World  
Young Fashioned Ways  
Waltz Across Texas  
John Coltrane / Archie Shepp One Down, One Up  
Rufus (Swung His Face At Last To The Wind, Then His Neck Snapped.)  
Eric Burden & The Animals San Francisco Nights In honor of my leaving the next day for a West Coast vacation.
Laura Love In Seattle
Fever Tree San Francisco Girls
Dave Mason Look At You And Look At Me  
Chris Ardoin & Double Clutchin' Papa Was A Rolling Stone  
The Rolling Stones Heart Of Stone Mick Jagger born 7/26/43 - 57 today!
HBD, Mickey!
Ida This Water  
Moxy Früvous Intro / Present Tense  
Stardate Delta Aquarid Meteors  
Tim Finn Need To Be Right  
Fabio On Surprises The OFAP Summer Poet-In-Residence
Jonathan Edwards Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian  
Tugboat Annie Away  
Unbunny Massachusetts  
Swinging Steaks Stains Like Water  
The Lunch Lady Today's Menu The OFAP Spritual Advisor
Curio The Girl From Lost & Found  
The Gravel Pit Yellow Light Purple From Reverse The Curse, a compilation of local tunes to benefit our pal, Mikey Dee
Francine Staged  
Kenne Highland Clan She's My Best Bette  

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