Drugless Douglas & Mikey Dee, about 2:30am
Hey, Boston Bands!

Think you should play
On The Town With Mikey Dee?
Want to drop by & plug something?
Just want to send your CD?

WMFO deejay and engineer Joel Simches taken over On The Town with Mikey Dee from Drugless Douglas. Joel books live performances and interview guests for the show. OTT is essentially a Local (i.e. New England) Rock show, but other genres are happily featured from time to time, in spirit with WMFO's freeform mission.

Direct inquiries to Joel at ott@sonicenhancement.com

Douglas has moved back to Denver but he wants to keep up with the Boston scene. Email Drugless here. His Denver address is:

Drugless Douglas
PO Box 151256
Denver, CO 80215-9256

Please continue to send him your CDs!


Feel free to mail WMFO your CD (homemade is okay), press kit, gig notices, stickers, T-shirts, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT add us to your email list unless we request it.

Please send 2 copies of your CD: A review copy for On The Town with Mikey Dee consideration, and a copy for general airplay. Save postage and packaging by sending both to:

Joel Simches
Local Music Director
PO Box 65
Medford, MA 02155-0001



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