Neil Young - Rocky Mountain Review


My First Rock Concert

Neil Young,
Boulder, CO
January 27, 1971

This show was in the beautiful Macky Auditorium on the University of Colorado campus. (I ended up going to college there, and I took my chemistry exams there, too. Ugh!) I went with my friend, Charlie Stice (see Passion For Radio), who was a big Neil fan -- he turned me on to Buffalo Springfield.

Neil played solo -- acoustic guitar and piano. This was over a year before "Harvest" was released, but Neil played several songs from that upcoming album. There was no warm-up act.

During the show, we couldn't figure out why there were so many dishes being broken out in the lobby. At the end of the show, we were asked to leave through the side doors. We found out then that those "breaking dishes" were actually breaking windows -- there was a riot by those who didn't have tickets. So much for peace, love and tie-dye.

The image is of my bootleg LP of the show. It's on the Contra Band label!

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