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Hello there,

My name is Henrik C Wiberg i am running the Danish fartsite and i am looking for material to use on my site ?

Do you have some funny fart stuf that i must use on my site ? I could be: fartJoke, fartSound, fartMusic, fartanything ?
I hawe ofcourse many thing that you can have from me, so if you have somthing about fart send it to me (zipped)

Best regards
Henrik C Wiberg

Ah, the miracle of search engines!

Maybe he should just listen to my show.


Amadeo thought that shameless flattery would get his music played on the air.

It didn't.

(It was the fabulous stationery that did the trick!)

dear drugless

how are you?

i just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being you. really.

last night, after a long day, i trudged wearily home, and turned on my radio, and what did i hear?

vanilla fudge.

that's right: vanilla fucking fudge.

i dropped to me knees and thanked the gods that you are you.....

i remember back to the first of many times that happened to me, when you played 'maggot brain' and someone called to tell me it was on....

a few weeks ago, we were playing a live show and we had leigh calabrese come up and play some musical saw. when we were done, someone ran out of the audience, grabbed the mic and yelled Leigh calabrese, you are a national treasure!"

well, you had to be there, but still, the point is, that YOU drugless douglas are a national treasure too! and I'm damn glad you are on the radio.....




Aw, shucks!

Loyal Listener Lloyd is a regular listener and correspondent who cleary "gets it."

A note like this now 'n' then really warms the cockles of a DJ's heart. He's sent many similar ones, but this was the best.

  Another who found me from a search engine. His sharing tips are bound to make shopping for birthday gifts a lot easier!

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  >From: Meghan Toohey

>i love douglas- he's amazing
>are you friends with mikey?
>I'll get him the records soon-
Back atcha, Meg!    

MOFO spans the country, if not the globe!


Just listening to your program in Seattle and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm a HUGE Ellis Paul fan so I'm thrilled to get to hear him live (if my connection holds out). :) Just wanted to say I'm enjoying what you're doing. Take care,

From: Mitsuhiro NANBAYASHI Tokyo/JAPAN

Apologize if you received this letter before.
I am sending a letter to the TV & RADIO station in the world. But I don't know the homepage address of the TV & Radio station. So, I use a lot of kinks.

Please, Forgive it because this link collection becomes the end. And, Please Teach if knowing the address collection of the record company.

How do you do?
I am Mitsuhiro NANBAYASHI active as a composer in Tokyo of Japan. Today, this E-mail was sent for my professional motion (promotion). Then,I introduce my relaxation music to you. You cover my music, and I am hoping to introduce it in your country from heartily.

I was born in Tokyo on September 8, 1972.
I am 28 years old at present. My music is mild music to the heart of the big fashion in Japan. I am making music in the theme Åy the "tranquility" which a modern forgets, and "impression" and the "comfortableness of the heart" and "kindness" Åz.

My music is little music uncommonly in the present age.
But, music like me is very necessary because it is such a present day.

Will this be common to the whole world?

My music is introduced in the homepage of the following Internet. Please do access first, and try to do Full Chorus Download. You can listen to my music with your personal computer. There is a method of Download which what you do is made in three ways.

My present activities do the personality (master of ceremonies and story) of the popular music program going on for five years with publishing one sheet of CD album (work collection) every year.

I am hoping that I can be the performance active in the big stage of your country. I want to hold nice concerts in your country.

Please, cover my music, and introduce it in your country.
Then, I hope that music-like interchange in your country and Japan can be done. I am hoping that each other's country can build up music cultural friendly relations through my music.

I am waiting for an answer from you. Then, I am looking forward to meeting to you and the music fans of your country soon.

I am not good at English. But, thank you so much for reading it to the end.

I am sorry,but please give me your answer in Japanese or English (Chinese).

I guess I'll have to brush up on my English (Chinese) to answer him.      
  I've been known to bring tears to many of my listener's eyes.

so #1. congrats on anniversary show last week! it was great! i must admit, when you were talking about being a little kid, and wanting to be a dj with the radio under your pillow and all, i did get a bit choked up....sniff sniff.....



Having seen Douglas in action at the radio station, I can attest that he is one groovy cat.

Ad Boc

Ad is a pretty groovy cat, his ownself. Me-OW!      
    I told you he was Loyal Listener Lloyd! dear drugless:
how are you?
what a GREAT SHOW last night!!!!!
i was 'tuned in' for the middle hour, and THANKS so much for playing all those songs!!!!!!
i wasn't trying to be a pain in the butt with the big list, just giving you some room in case you couldn't find anything.....but you went out of your way to get to so many!!
you rule.
the maggot brain thing was great!!!
how deep....:-)
a friend of mine called from watertown, breathlessly yelling at me 'hey, guess what, they're playing your song on mfo!!" (maggot brain) and i said, "i know, i requested it!!"
it was funny, as she didn't know i had emailed you and just thought she was randomly hearing it....
a true blue moon phenomenon.....
so i enjoyed th e whole set, and really do love the kind of stuff you play. just when i think you are a folky folk, you take a left turn, and rock out, or.....?
which is is really what radio need s these days.
i also admire the fact that you've been at it for so long . 500+ shows?
that's great....that's the one thing college radio suffers from, i think, is that a lot of the dj's tend to be 'transitional' so it gets confusing and is hard to tell what's going on. it's nice to have that consistency with people like you....
keep on trucking!!!!
ive gotta run.
work calls........
you can bet y our bippy i'll be tuned in again next week,....
keep up the great music.....and thanks again

it is so fucking nice to come home from work and hear the stuff you play on the gives me such GLEE ....
especially some of the "experimental' stuff you played last night, and the country joe from the week before.....
keep on!!
may god bless you, mr. drugless!!!!!!!


Okay, this is getting embarrassing.      

  Fabio Light. Isn't that redundant?

I always thought that Fabio was a superficial dork. But, listening to your show... made me realize that he's a deep, inquisitive... and indeed, sexy... poet in a hunk's body! Thank you Drugless.... for showing me the Fabio Light!

J. Walker


[in response to an online request]
thekiernan (5:31:40 PM): wow, that was fast. thanks -- i'm a big fan of your show, and of the Roadhouse, too. keep up the good work there at WMFO!

Long-time listener, first-time AIMer. And I'm a fan of the Roadhouse, too!      




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